You will invest in a huge worldwide Market. Everybody enjoy Soft Drinks and want to stay healthy. But in the past decades we have seen several mistakes and misunderstandings of the Soft Drink Industry. Too much sugar, no natural flavour and the major mistake- now new idea! With the Infused Water technology we are able to provide a complete new tasty and refreshing Drink. With our formulas you quickly will see that our business will grow. You have the opportunity to be not only an early adapter, you will make Profit! Despite of the Crypto Market, you will earn with every sold bottle. This is the new smart way to use the Blockchain! If you believe in this brand new business idea, you invest in a unique ICO. Everything is covered in the first stage by me. Your money goes directly into the business. Believe me, I´m really well prepared to launch this Project and in every case you will not lose your total invest, even when the Token Sale struggle!


We have started our Bounty Program! First until Christmas every Investor get a discount of 20%. Furthermore we give your invited friends 30% off and for your referring you get 30 % of their Invest in IWCX Coins! Join our Affiliate Program and click the Icon "Get rewarded" on this page our on our Shopping Page and you can start immediately with earning Coins!

We also will offer several rewards for more traffic, Community Management, Translations, Webmaster, SEO, and Business Contacts etc. Please feel free to suggest everything! We also can make a private deal! Stay in the loop and join as at Facebook, Telegram or e.g. YouTube!


The IWCX Coin based on the Ethereum Blockchain and we have generated 10 Million Coins .Behind the Ethereum Network the Blockchain itself can easily adapted with "Smart Contracts". To start we have generated a simple COIN, named IWCX. The contract can be seen on the Website from Etherscan. This COIN is right now transferable and compatible with common Ether Wallets like MetaMask, Myetherwallet etc. The tokens are not mineable and the amount is fixed. If you have some experience with Crypto Money you can recheck.


Your only risk is you Investment. You buy Coins which represent a Coupon for future payback and additional bonus Payments. But please remember, I´m not able to guarantee if the business will run. But if, in many cases the people get a lot of money back, even with a small Investment. This is what I promise you. Everybody who support the first steps will get a lot of money back once the business go to the moon! Regarding legal issues, you only have to keep in mind that I want to know who you are during the ICO to avoid trouble with the authorities. Furthermore I will not provide any paper for local tax offices or anything else like a certification of debt. To cover the prevention of money laundering act I and other stuff every single investor must perform a KYC process. Please be aware, this is not a scam ICO and I will get in huge trouble if I not take care of this!


Once we receive the first payments we will immediately start with the further business as stated in the Whitepaper. I will provide step by step what happens with your money. More support means more audience and more helping hands to organize all things around. We will offer in the future some job opportunities and we will select some business partner. You will see some videos and I will provide some additional information regarding the future way. To be in the loop please use our Telegram Chanel, Facebook and of course this website to see what happens next.


The most important document for every ICO is the Whitepaper. Here you find all information about the project, legal affairs, how you make profit, some technical stuff and of course it summarize the whole ICO process.

Read our complete Whitepaper if you want to have an impression how amazing our business idea is!
Click here to read our Whitepaper!

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Some quick Facts


We want to collect finally eight Million Dollar. If we get less, we have several ideas how to proceed. In every case each investor will participate!


We only will offer a three month period for everybody to participate! Follow us on Telegram and Facebook and we will inform you once we start!

Restriction for the ICO

We accept Ether, Bitcoin, Lite Coin and Fiat Money. In every case we need a personal Ethereum wallet adress where you own the private key! This is also reqiured if you later want to recive the bonus payouts once the business started.

How to buy the coins

Please click the "Buy some Coins" Button and follow the instructions! We are using a web shop systems which have the same usability like common web shops!

Click here to buy some IWCX!

One Pager ICO Infused Waters

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Short ICO Manual

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Job Opportunities

How to swap the Waves into ERC-20 IWCX

Pressemitteilung "Airdrop auf der Waves Plattform"

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