A simple and smart idea -Infused Waters!

You know nothing behind the Infused Waters Idea? Well, you can make it very simple at home. Just add some fruits and herbs into a bottle fresh cold water and wait some hours. As result you get an "Infused Water" Drink. Quite simple, or? You find in the Internet hundreds of possible combinations and a lot of instructions "How to do". But you will never find my Formulas!

My recipes are reproducible for the industrial ramp up and will be the next "Coca Cola" formulas. With this intention I hope to create a new market. It´s not only a "Near Water" Drink, it´s a naturally flavoured and produced Drink. No industrial flavour and miscellaneous additives.

The main target Audiance

Our first three Infused Waters Drinks


Spirit of Asia is a refreshing mix of some typical Asian herbs and spices with a note of coconut. The awsome taste will remind you on your last holiday in Asia and will boost your Spirit!


This drink is an infusion of yerba mate and some mystic herbs. You will be surprised once you drink this traditional drink the first time. It will refresh your body and even will help to stay alive if you feel a little tired or hungry. Enjoy the spirit and the taste of the Guarani natives.


Do you know the secrets of the Mediterranean herbs and spices? We have created an amazing mix to get the best refreshing taste from typical plants of these area. We have one major taste (still secret) which will really surprise you!

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