A Few Words About Me

I was born in 1969 and live and work in the Hamburg area. As a business economist I worked for several years on the purchase of technical equipment for well-known industrial enterprises. With the launch of the Project "Infused Water" I want to disrupt the market for Soft Drinks. In my mind the world have enough of Coke, sweet Juices and industrial flavour. It´s time to get rid of these stuff. As author of the book "The Lies of the Food Industry" I really was shocked during my deep dive in this rotten industry.

Nevertheless, during my research for this project it wasn´t easy to find the best way how it could work. Starting a new business, especially in a Segment where only a handful big Player offer their stuff worldwide it is a dammed idea mentioned some people. On the other hand it´s time to say "Goodbye" to some old fashioned Drinks and restart the market. This is my intention.

The first Drink I have created will have the brand "Spirit of Asia" and is ready for the industrial production.

For the ramp up of the production I have found a Company which is able to produce my product in a way that ensure my commitment for a healthy, smart and refreshing drink.

Why should I support this Project?

If you support this project you will be part of a Community which believe in new technologies and smarter sustainable Food. You take care of you and your family Health and don´t want to get sucked from the Food and Drink Establishment.

Once the Initial Coin Offering for the Infused Water Coin is started, you will be able to participate from the rise of a complete new Soft Drink Family. With a little bit luck you even will gain some additional money after the ICO. I will provide dividends for Token holder and you can trade some on the international Crypto markets and Exchanges. Please read my White Paper to understand every detail!

Some Facts

Smart idea, smart network no scam! By using the dezentralised Ethereum Platform I realized quite simple a Token Sale!
The sucess of the project depence on everybody´s input.To realize the project we need a strong community!
I´ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of Euro into this project. Believe me, I never would do this when there will be no chance!
This will be the first ICO launched by a private person in Germany. I welcome people from all over the world to participate!